Research & Practice

Bill Sharpe approaches futures research as a reflective practice.  Every project is a research project. The goal is to put concepts to work in a way that helps a client tackle complex and fundamental questions that stand in the way of effective long range action.

There are some well known processes such as scenario planning that can be applied to many issues in long range thinking, but these are only really powerful when you can get a deep understanding of the underlying issues, and this usually requires fresh conceptual approaches.

In scenario practice Bill Sharpe has acted as lead editor for a book of new research and practice by members of the Oxford Futures Forum. See Scenarios for Success.

Together with the International Futures Forum and H3Uni Bill is pioneering a new integrative framework for futures work known as Three Horizons.   See the book Three Horizons: the patterning of hope.

Normann Partners is a leading consultancy in strategy, scenarios and innovation.  Bill is a Senior Associate.

Bill is Visiting Professor at the Digital Culture Research Centre of the University of the West of England where he is researching the ecology of arts and culture.