These are some past and present projects that have produced public domain results

H3Uni - a University for the Third Horizon

H3Uni is an educational enterprise dedicated to empowering people to develop the skills and experience necessary to foster transformative innovation in their commuitis and organisations.

Future Stewards

Future Stewards is a coalition of three partners - Leaders' Quest, Global Optimisim and We Mean Business - working together to address complex systemic problems.  The aim over the next five to 10 years is to unlock the collective will - across business, government and civil society - to achieve a regenerative future. 

To realise this goal, Future Stewards creates experiential programmes that equip teams, organisations and partnerships to work with major influencers to accelerate transformation. 

Bill has the role of Mentor to the Future Stewards Programme.

Pervasive Media Studio

Through The Appliance Studio Bill was a founding member of the Mobile Bristol research consortium that pioneered new uses for the emerging generation of pervasive media.  As a result of that programme a new initiative - the Pervasive Media Studio - was launched that pioneers new digital media through action research.  Bill is Visiting Professor at University West of England Digital Cultures Research Centre in the Studio.

UK Foresight

Bill Sharpe has worked extensively for the UK Foresight programme, providing technology forward looks for four of the recent projects: Cognitive Systems, Cybertrust & Crime Prevention, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Tackling Obesities. Most recently he has helped Foresight scope work in the Networked Governance of Global Finance.

Information Appliances - The Appliance Studio 

Bill Sharpe was co-founder and Chairman of the Appliance Studio which provided research and innovation in Information Appliances to international clients.  You will find the old site here